• Addressing student concerns during an epidemic

    By Daisy Lopez There is a saying that elementary school teachers are immune to germs. In a way, we kind of are; kids are often sneezing, coughing, learning, hugging, reading, and writing all at the same time. In my 2nd grade classroom, there is a

  • The Power of Place-Based Education

    By Tom Vander Ark I remember the sound of running water, the smell of damp logs, and the thrill of finding a tadpole in Sligo Creek. I was 11 and had time to dawdle. A year of museum and battlefield tours in and around Washington, D.C. introduced

  • Strategies for staying sane while staying home

    Just as businesses are trying to figure out how to sustain their work by renegotiating how to run the corporate world, so too must parents and caregivers renegotiate how things are done at home.

    The post Let’s change that

    By Michele Hill and Carolyn Ferrucci Why don’t we take the time to tell those we value of their importance to us as members of the educational and human family? It seems that we require circumstances to be dire to tell those we work with that w

  • Finding the upsides in an uncertain time

    By Sean Slade Time To Reassess If there is an upside – and there are many – to this crisis, it’s that we are all having to, or having enough time to, reassess what we do and why. From this perspective the COVID-19 crisis may well signal a r

  • Communicating with students effectively during online learning

    By Mike Anderson The COVID-19 crisis is sending students home in unprecedented numbers, and for many teachers, this means moving to an online learning platform. What does this mean for the way we communicate with students? What are some key ideas

  • How to not overwhelm your school with online learning initiatives

    By Monica Burns Many schools and teachers are trying to figure out the best way to support students for next few weeks or potentially to the end of the school year. My goal has always been to make education technology easier, but before we jump i

  • Three strategies for better online discussions

    By Michael B. Sherry What does it take to make online discussions work? Online learning management systems provide opportunities for students to continue discussions beyond the space and time of a regular class period. However, online discussion

  • The Job Must Continue Under Safe Circumstances: An Interview with Health Expert Tara Kirk Sell

    As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread throughout the United States, ASCD is talking with safety specialists and health experts about the best course of action for schools. Dr. Tara Kirk Sell (@skirkell), a senior scholar at the Johns Hopk