• When schools reopen: Assess closely and differentiate intensely

    By Michael B. Horn Whenever students return physically to school, educators will face a daunting challenge, different from the one that confronted them as they transitioned rapidly to remote learning. Although students have always had vast differ

  • Preparing our school districts for Fall 2020

    By David M. Aderhold There are more than 580 school districts, 2,500 schools, and 115,000 teachers serving more than 1.4 million students in New Jersey.  Without clear guidance on how to prepare for the fall semester, public health will be co

  • Three ways to engage middle school students in math right now

    By Michaela Flitsch Ever since Kepner Beacon Middle School was designated an “innovation school” in 2015, we’ve been hard at work transforming the once low-performing Title 1 school into a vibrant learning community. We have since seen

  • Core-Content Teachers: You can provide good distance learning for English Learners

    By Margarita Calderón and Lisa Tartaglia With schools moving to distance learning, teachers, students, parents, and administrators have had to step up to learn new skills. Secondary-level teachers of core-content classes who serve English learne

  • Seven strategies for supporting student learning in a remote environment

    By Jay McTighe and Giselle O. Martin-Kniep The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically upended traditional schooling and made remote learning the “new normal.” Teachers are scrambling to offer some form of continuing education using virtual techno

  • Reopening schools: What knowledge can we rely upon?

    By Didier Jourdan, Nicola Gray, Sean Slade & Michael Marmot As the Director General of WHO indicated on March 12, the management of the Covid-19 pandemic is a question of “finding a delicate balance between health protection, the preve

  • Six ed tech tips during remote learning

    By Patrick Hausammann Unprecedented. Crisis. State of Emergency. All of these words describe the time we find ourselves in, both in the U.S. and around the world. Since March 13, school districts across the country have had weeks and weeks filled

  • #ELMagChat Recap: How to cultivate deeper online discussions

    As educators continue to conduct most of their teaching online, the questions about how to cultivate good discussions are adding up. Discussion is one of the key ways that teachers get students engaged in learning — but can you replicate the qu

  • Equity literacy and virtual learning during Covid-19

    By Marceline DuBose and Paul Gorski, Equity Literacy Institute As advocates for educational equity who work with schools across the country, we are blown way by how educators are responding to the Covid-19 crisis. We understand the challenge of c